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Bradley Beach local Bud McCormick shares his perfect day in town.

I’ll wake up in the morning and jump on my bicycle and ride up to Bagel International on Main Street. I get my usual everything bagel with sausage, egg, and cheese. I also get my coffee there because they offer 10 different flavors and I like the variety. Lastly I’ll pick up a newspaper, and put all of it in the basket of my bike. I ride back down to the boardwalk and find a nice spot to sit for a bit. I like to enjoy my breakfast while watching the surfers and dolphins. Lately we’ve been seeing large pods of them swimming close to shore. I drive for Uber so I’ll spend the day driving people around, many of whom come to Bradley for the great restaurants. A lot of soccer fans Uber to and from Darcy’s to get their soccer fix. If it’s a Tuesday night I’ll head back to the boardwalk to watch my wife and daughter country line dancing. People come from all over (including friends of mine from Jackson) to dance by the ocean; it’s really nice and relaxing. Then to end the night we’ll usually get takeout from Chinatown Kitchen on Main Street, we’re kind of addicted to their wonton soup. It’s the little things like that we love about this town.

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