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Top Work Outs, Wellness & Adventures in Bradley Beach NJ

Bradley Beach is a health paradise.  You will find the community on bicycles, skateboards, surfboards and on foot.  Stand up paddle boarders even pass you by as you relax your mind soaking in the sand and sunshine.  The boardwalk is always occupied by joggers, speed walkers, yogis, and parents with strollers.  The salt air is extremely beneficial for good health, and just getting your toes in the sand can do untold wonders for your mood.  In our quaint community, we offer an array of businesses that focus on health and wellness.  Bradley Beach offers fitness equipment available 24-hours, 7 days a week; personal training, yoga healing centers, personalized weight loss, surfing and stand up paddleboard coaching, and more are available right in town.  The community also enjoys a great recreation department with offerings for all ages.  Boardwalk mini golf, bocce ball, volleyball, and gazebo dance events will keep you happily engaged in physical movement.   And you’ll commonly see people having fun with a Frisbee or football on the beach. Take a walk to our weekly Thursday evening “Bradley Fresh” farmers market and stock up on great local veggies and fruits to fuel your days in the sun.  Enjoy this list of our top ten recommended health, wellness & fitness activities to GET FIT in beautiful Bradley Beach NJ!

And don’t forget the best of all- our Beach, Boardwalk, and beautiful Ocean to run, walk, dance, swim, play sports, surf… however you want to move your body and have the most fun getting fit

10. Great American Volleyball – at the oceanfront in Bradley Beach!

The Great American Volleyball was established by a local Pro Beach Volleyball player in 2002. It quickly developed into one of the premier volleyball tours in the country and the largest on the eastern seaboard and can be found on the beautiful beaches of New Jersey every weekend May thru September, including our very own Bradley Beach.  They support diversity of their divisions, loyalty to their players and active healthy lifestyles. Great American Volleyball promotes all levels of play from tournament competition, to recreational leagues, to juniors programs and clinics. The family owned and operated company is proud to be a catalyst in active lifestyles. Hurry & join the Bradley Beach Leagues starting June 6th 2017! “Our goal is to promote the love of this sport, the beauty of our beaches and the natural ways to keep our bodies healthy.” – Great American Volleyball


More information:



9. Jersey Shore Supplements – Bradley Beach, NJ’s premier supplement store to help enhance your fitness goals!


You can’t forget that what you put into your body has just as much to do with getting fit and healthy as exercise.  Jersey Shore Supplements original location started in Bradley Beach, NJ in April 2013 and has been a staple to the local fitness community ever since. They stay on the forefront of the supplement industry and take pleasure in providing credible, trustworthy, exceptional customer care, all while carrying only the top quality supplements. The knowledgeable staff has been essential to it’s success, so be sure to stop in to let them assist you by sharing their expertise. You can tell that the staff are all fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Customer goals vary from gaining muscle mass, losing weight, or to simply improve a healthier lifestyle, so you know your not alone. They cater to all levels and will point you in the right direction.  “Jersey Shore Supplements is here to help – it’s a SHORE thing!” – JSS

More information:

Jersey Shore Supplements

705 Brinley Avenue

Bradley Beach, NJ 07720



Mon –Thu 10:00AM – 8:30PM

Friday 10:00AM – 8:00PM

Saturday 10:00AM – 6:00PM

Sunday 10:00AM – 4:00PM

8. Forever Changes – a fun and unique approach to serious fitness

The possibilities are endless with the lovely local lady Noel from Forever Changes, as she you guides you on a positive path to total fitness.  Whether it’s a day of fun on the water with surfing, stand up paddleboard, on a tiki-themed pontoon boat (with sandy bottom charters) for an outing, or for long-term fitness coaching at our local gym, Forever Changes delivers the goods. Be guided by professional knowledge and passion, while inspired to push yourself for greatness, all while enjoying a new and fun experience; It’s time to harness the power of a positive mental attitude! Noel is also a certified life coach, so you’ll move forward by being supported and encouraged on a one-on-one level you never expected.  “Forever Changes is about cultivating a balance between life’s ebbs and flows while embracing our individuality and accepting life as it Forever Changes…” – Noel Fitzpatrick, embracing and sharing the heart of Forever Changes to live and pass along

Forever Changes

Surf • Yoga • Personal Training • Stand Up Paddle Board

(Private & group lessons available) • Custom Boat Charters!

Rentals, Tours, BYOB Sunset Cruises, Water Taxi – Bars & Dock’n’Dine

  • Clinics /w Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Fishing


More information at:

By Appt 732-513-5868



7. Yoga on the beach – to balance and inspire your day wile enjoying the gorgeous beach and ocean during your workout!

Salute the summer sun at 7:30am! Yoga on the beach is the hidden goldmine of your Bradley Beach GET FIT experience.  They are the longest running beach yoga on the Jersey Shore! You will feel wonderful getting a yoga fitness experience while on the breathtaking oceanfront.  This is the stuff fitness beach dreams are made of, yoga amongst raw nature with it’s sea breeze and crashing waves.  This is my 17th Year doing yoga on the beach” –Carmel, the wonderful Yoga instructor for Yoga on the beach.


More information:

Yoga on the Beach

East End Ave – Avon by the Sea

(One block past the south end of Bradley Beach passed Sylvan Lake)

Everyday starting Memorial Day Weekend

7:30 am

Thursday evenings 6pm

suggested donation $10

bring a large towel or blanket and water

(732) 567-0206


6. Summertime surf – the shore’s premier surfing and stand up paddleboard lessons and summer camps for kids, adults, women, families and groups alike!

The great thing about Summertime Surf is that it caters to people of all ages. They have kids surf camps, kids S.U.P. camps, private surfing lessons for all ages, private S.U.P. lessons and more. The list keeps going.  This great organization provides the ultimate environment for learning how to have the best fun in the water, while emphasizing the values of the surf and ocean lifestyle.  They want to inspire you through their well-rounded program that effectively teaches the art of surfing.  The Summertime Surf team is also very eco-conscious and practice environmental responsibility and community service.  “Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of surfing” Shaun McGrath, Summertime Surf founder


More information at:



Stay posted for their summer surf camp sign-up’s!


5. Five Elements Studio – Learn traditional Chinese martial arts through group classes and private lessons!

Five Elements Studio is the home of Northern Shaolin Martial Arts, with Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong & Meditation.  We are so pleased to have such amazing resources available in our very own Bradley Beach, NJ.   It is the only school in Monmouth County teaching Xingyiquan and Baguazhang.  Bill Hunt, a qualified, lineage holding Shifu, with guide and you to train for: fitness, self defense, health and vitality, having more energy, stress relief, medication and relaxation.  You will also have fun and gain confidence in the process. “To learn Chinese Martial Arts and Health Practices in Group Classes and Private Lessons in Monmouth County NJ, You’ve come to the right place!” – Shifu Bill Hunt, Five Elements Studio

More information:

Five Elements Studio

512A Main St.

Bradley Beach, NJ 07720



4. Sapphire Holistic Center – the peaceful and rejuvenating approach to “Get Fit” in Bradley Beach!

The peaceful and friendly center offers Yoga to heal your mind, body and spirit, providing the holistic approach to getting fit.  They have multiple levels and options to accommodate beginners and advanced yogis alike.  They believe yoga is a beautiful practice that should be available to everyone. They even have a fun Journey Dance class to get your body moving with drums, hula-hoop and dancing.   Check out their full schedule with a multitude of services, and even enjoy chakra crystal bowl mediation to de-stress and harmonize yourself on multiple levels.  The Sapphire Holistic Center can help ease tension and balance your mind while achieving your get fit goals. “When you walk through the doors at our center, our community welcomes you with open arms, leaving judgment at the door” – Maura Bertotti of Sapphire Holistic Center

More information:

Sapphire Holistic Center

316 Main Street

Bradley Beach, NJ 07720



Weekly Classes:

ALL LEVELS YOGA ~ Trauma Sensitive
with Holly Heston / $10
Every Tuesday 6:00 pm – 7:15
with Omkari Phyllis
Every Thursday 11:00 am – 12:15 pm
$15 per Class or $50 for 4 weeks

RESTORATIVE YOGA with Talena / $10

Every Sunday 11:00 am

Movers! Shakers! Dancers! Drummers!
Hula Hoopers! And Curious Ones…

with Esta Kaftan
Saturday June 17th at 7:00 pm  / $15


3. Pure by Innate Living – to help you reach your goals on a whole new level!

Pure by Innate Living is a weight-loss and wellness program. They show you a new path with no shakes and no exercise, offering quick and healthy fat-burning success. They will help with rebalancing the mind and refueling the body. Pure does all of this while revealing the best food choices for YOU. This is a very customized approach to each unique individual. You can feel in good hands with this local Doctor-created-and-supervised custom program, on top of the one-on-one personal heartfelt care.  “Let us help you find your way to a slimmer and healthier you!” -Pure

More information:

Pure by Innate Living

610 Main St

Bradley Beach, NJ 07720



2. Shore Movements – a boutique fitness studio located in Bradley Beach featuring Exercise, Nutritional and Lifestyle coaching

Shore Movements is dedicated to providing high quality professional personal training services with the modern fitness industry solutions.  They guarantee their personal training, and have confidence that their team will help their clients achieve their goals the fastest and safest way possible. They focus on custom-tailoring a successful plan to ensure that each person reaches his or her goals. Their clients range from weight-loss clients, to doctors, to brides-to-be, to youth athletes, and they pride themselves on the fact that no matter how great your goals, they will work on outlining a personalized plan to make it happen! Through our personal training and fitness techniques, you will feel better! You will look great! And you will be healthier!”Mike Bilow, Owner of shore movements

More information:

Shore Movements

705 Brinley Ave,

Bradley Beach, NJ 07720



1. Jersey Shore Fitness Shop – Best of the Best, 24-hour fitness club offering something for everyone at a place you can feel comfortable!

The three-story red brick cornerstone landmark of Bradley Beach is a favorite of locals and visitors alike.  There is a reason they have been around for 35 years.  Whether you’re looking for the latest in weightlifting or fitness equipment, or love taking classes, they have it all.  Come and enjoy Jersey Shore Fitness Shop whenever it accommodates your schedule with the most flexible hours to fit in your workout – open 24 hours a day, 365 hours a year couldn’t be better! Enjoy your workout how you like, on your own for some “me-time”, joined by a friend, or with a personal trainer (they can make plenty of recommendations).  The classes are killer, with an array of great options including: Kettlebell Cross Training • Yoga • Zumba • TRX • Mat Pilates • Yogalttes• Kickboxing • Spin • and more! “For 35 years, supplying uninterrupted power to the Jersey Shore, 24/7, 365 days a year.” – Jersey Shore Fitness Shop

More information:

Jersey Shore Fitness Shop

711 Brinley Ave

Bradley Beach NJ