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Doctor Tom and Brigitte McGuire have spent the better portion of their lives helping people get healthy. Dr. Tom is a well-known chiropractor based out of Matawan for the past 12 years and Brigitte has been providing wellness support for the past 10 years. The husband and wife team are strong believers in holistic healing and patient advocacy. Brigitte has particularly been inspired to help people after her own struggle with weight loss due to chronic illness. After years of trial and error, with the help of her husband she finally put together a holistic plan that actually worked for herself. Feeling like they had finally zoned in on the right formula to help with chronic health issues, the couple decided to expand Dr. Tom’s chiropractic business and open PURE – a wellness and weight loss center. They opened their second location in Bradley Beach this past June.

The concept behind Pure is simple. Dr. Tom and Brigitte believe that most people suffer from chronic health problems due to the toxins being put into their bodies. Due to daily stressors, the body creates fat cells, which then store these toxins, making them very difficult to shed, and also triggering a cycle of strain on the body. The PURE program aims to help clients shed these stored fat cells, thereby eliminating the toxins and resetting the body. PURE is essentially a kick start to a healthier lifestyle.

The program is not complicated, but it is very thorough and extremely customized. Clients fill out an intake form and speak to a wellness consultant who gets an idea of what kind of daily stressors the client is dealing with. They are given a complimentary evaluation which includes a Zyto Scan – which helps detect energetic imbalances in the body. They are also weighed on a special scale which not only measures weight, but also water in the body, muscle mass, and inflammation. All this information is then given over to Dr. Tom, who creates a customized plan for the client. The philosophy is that every person is very different and their environment and lifestyle have a huge impact on their bodies. Dr. Tom looks at the whole person and tailors the plan to their life.

The program includes 3 phases. The first is the fat loss phase. Clients are put on a calorie restricting diet and all inflammatory foods are eliminated. They are also given Dr. Tom’s specially formulated weight loss compound supplement. The second phase starts once the body has shed its toxins and has reset. The body is then reintroduced to certain foods to see if there’s a negative reaction. Then a customized eating plan can be created to help the client live a healthier lifestyle. Phase three is follow up appointments with the center to see if the plan is working well for the client.

Dr. Tom and Brigitte’s program is different than all the other weight loss stuff out there. Their mentality is about what the client wants out of their life. They believe that eliminating stressors and leading a healthier lifestyle gives people a certain freedom and clarity that they have been missing. As long time Bradley Beach residents, they are very excited to be bringing this service to the town they love. They are big believers in supporting the local community and local businesses. Brigitte is looking forward to partnering with local gyms and yoga studios to further help their client base in the near future.

To schedule an appointment for a free consultation, please call: (732) 455-5900

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