Atlantic Veterinary Hospital & supporting Bradley Beach

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital & supporting Bradley Beach

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital is a proud supporter of Bradley Beach and it’s animal citizens! They have been a big help sponsoring our annual Bradley Beach Howl-O-Ween Dog Festival event.  We happily share why we think they are pretty special too…

We all love our pets very much. And any pet owner will tell you how helpless it can feel to have a sick or injured animal. Enter Doctors Baumgartner and Bosworth of Atlantic Veterinary Hospital in Spring Lake. They understand the stress and fear that pets and their owners experience when the animal isn’t feeling well. That is why the doctors decided to open their own hospital just over a year ago, with the goal of easing that stress as much as possible while still treating their patients with the highest level of care.

With a combined experience of 14 years, the doctors felt that there was a serious need for a less corporate, more intimate veterinary experience in the community. They designed their facility and scheduling with that in mind. The spacious hospital is bright and airy, with lots of windows. The natural light is proven to provide a calming effect on animals, especially cats. Patients are encouraged to come in just to visit and get a treat, even when they don’t have an appointment. This establishes the vet as a “fun” place for them, not just a place they go to get poked and prodded. The office schedules all appointments for a half hour. This increases the amount of face to face time with the doctors which allows clients to ask all their questions in a relaxed atmosphere without feeling rushed. It also minimizes wait times and the number of animals in the waiting room at the same time, which reduces stress for the patient. The carefully selected staff of techs all have years of experience, truly care about animals, and are committed to building relationships with their patients and clients. They are currently working towards a “Fear Free” certification.

Both Doctor Baumgartner and Doctor Bosworth will tell you how they knew, even as young children, that they wanted to be veterinarians. They both grew up having several pets and had a strong love for animals. Now they get to spend their time healing sick animals and saving lives. Their facility is equipped to perform many surgeries and dentistry procedures. They frequently treat UTI’s, blockages, spay and neuters, orthopedic surgeries, and removal of tumors. Their surgical suite is outfitted with state of technology the enables them to do extensive monitoring during surgeries.

The doctors know that just as you make healthcare decisions for members of your human family,  your cherished furry family members and loyal companions rely on you to make decisions about the quality of their care, and the Atlantic Veterinary Hospital team is committed to maintaining your pet’s optimal health.  They believe that educating pet owners is key to building a strong relationship with their clients while allowing them to feel confident when making important decisions about their pet’s well-being. They place an emphasis on thorough, timely communication, exceptional customer service, innovative patient care and providing a learning environment for their staff and their clients as well as members of the local communities.

They are located in Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey, and proudly serve the local communities and surrounding towns of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in a relaxed, comfortable, state-of-the-art facility.  As a locally owned small business, they believe in being involved and giving back to the communities they serve. Atlantic Veterinary Hospital as a proud sponsor of this year’s annual Bradley Beach Howl-o-ween Festival.

Please visit them at:

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital

2405 Rt. 71

Spring Lake Heights, NJ 07762


(see our event flyer and photo’s from 2017 below)


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